June 21, 2022

131 | MISHKA NIZAR – How Crypto and the Metaverse can impact your small business.

Why should small businesses pay attention to Crypto, NFT’s and Meta? Is the crypto space safe? well in this episode, we speak to Mishka Nizar as we try to answer these questions. Mishka Nizar is a legal and business consultant who is a nontraditional entrepreneur in Legal & Technology. She has a passion for Artificial Intelligence, cryptocurrency, NFT’s and the metaverse. Mishka believes that these technologies will shape our future and she wants to help make that future a reality. Please welcome Mishka Nizar.



  • What You will learn

Mishka’s Background (3:00)

Why small businesses should pay attention to Crypto, NFT’s and Meta (5:30)

Is Crypto a safe space? (9:00)

Cryptocurrency concept(11:40)

How small businesses can benefit from Crypto,NFT’s, and Meta.(13:00)

NFT’s backbone (17:20)

Meta marketing space projection (21:20)

Mishka’s future plan (24:55)

Get in touch with Mishka(28:42)

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