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060 | How Dentists Can Leverage Social Media and Technology to Serve More Patients | with Edward Zuckerberg

March 23, 2021

March 23, 2021

060 | How Dentists Can Leverage Social Media and Technology to Serve More Patients | with Edward Zuckerberg

Our guest today is none other than Edward J. Zuckerberg – he is a 1978 Graduate of the NYU College of Dentistry. He owned his own practices in Brooklyn and Dobbs Ferry, NY from 1979-2013 and has always been an early adopter of technology, introducing his first PC to his office in 1986 and completely networking his home-based office with broadband access in 1996.

The advanced technology in the home helped foster his son, Mark’s, the founder of Facebook, interest in computers. With his wife of 41 years, Karen, a retired Psychiatrist, they also have 3 daughters, Randi, former Marketing Director at Facebook and now CEO of Zuckerberg Media, Donna, who received her Classics Ph.D. at Princeton and is now an author and editor of the online publication, Eidolon, featuring a modern way to write about the ancient world & last but not least, Arielle, who is a partner in a Financial Firm in San Francisco, as well as 7 grandchildren. Dr. Zuckerberg now regularly lectures nationally and internationally on Technology integration, Social Media Marketing, and Online Reputation Management for Dentists and consults privately with Dental Practices and advises Dental/Medical Technology Startups in addition to treating patients part-time in Palo Alto, California.

Mentioned in This Episode

What you will learn:

  • What’s going on in the dental industry (2:53)
  • Biggest challenges being faced
  • How to offset people’s thoughts and fears (7:34)
  • What kind of measures do dentists have in place?
  • Using social media to make patients aware of protocol
  • Has the dental industry been slow to adopt new technologies like social media? (11:40)
  • All dentists have different comfort levels when it comes to technology
  • Technology has proven to be worth the money
  • Winning the patient overusing technology and social media (26:54)
  • Recognizing your target market
  • The power of Facebook check-in
  • Facebook lead generation – how a dentist can use leads to their advantage (47:28)
  • Is social media the best way for dentists to grow their practice and attract more of the right clients in 2021? (49:53)
  • Using social media effectively

Dr. Z Mentality – Quotes From the Show

“People don’t wanna sit in a dental office a minute longer than they have to”

“Sharing is an incredible, underutilized dynamic that most dentists don’t realize is the most powerful tool in social media”

“SEO and social media are both part of the puzzle that every dental practice and every small business has to be involved with”

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