October 4, 2022

151 | How to get started in affiliate marketing – John Wright

How to get started in affiliate marketing

How to get started in affiliate marketing

Are you an affiliate marketer? Are you thinking of getting started as an affiliate marketer? In his episode, our guest has 20+ years of experience in online gambling and affiliate marketing. His startup StatsDrone aims to make your life easier, starting in affiliate marketing.
We discuss at length what affiliate marketing is, the changing trends in the niche, and strategies on how to generate traffic. In this episode, you will also get advice on how to get started as an affiliate marketer and finally find out whether it’s best if you diversify your target niche or if you should identify one niche and go with it. To help us through this topic, we host John Wright.

Key Timecodes

  • What is affiliate marketing? (02:13)
  • John Wright’s journey into affiliate marketing(03:02)
  • The state of the union for affiliate marketing and gambling(04:28)
  • The importance of doing your due diligence and research(5:46)
  • Strategies for generating traffic(06:59)
  • Paid ads strategy(09:19)
  • Advice to beginners affiliate marketers(11:40)
  • Statsdrone’s selling point(14:52)
  • Tips on how to get started with affiliate marketing(17:10)
  • Should you diversify your niches?(21:43)
  • Get in touch with John Wright(23:10)

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